Bee Hotel and Flower Seeds

We all know how important Bees are for the environment, pollinating our plants and crops. Unfortunately loss of nesting habitats has led to many species of Bee going into decline. Well now you can give them a helping hand with this Bee hotel. This replicates the conditions that non aggressive and non swarming solitary bees nest in. Simply place in a sunny position and let the Bees do the rest. You may get a number of species including Red Mason bees, Blue Mason bees, Leaf Cutter bees and White faced bees.

In addition, the provided Flower Seeds for Bees have been specially selected to attract bees and other beneficial insects to your garden. It includes Cornflowers, Candytuft, Zinnia, Poppy, Nigella, Silene and many other summer flowering varieties. A lovely gift idea that all can appreciate.

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