Bride and Groom Survival Kit

This novel Bride & Groom Survival Kit In A Can is an ideal fun gift for a Wedding. Each can is packed with cute souvenirs that we're sure will bring a smile to anyone's face. A perfectly compact gift & card that will always be an amusing reminder of their special occasion. Charmingly wrapped you will also receive a cute enveloped card which explains the witty sentiment behind each of the items included. These are as follows:

Stick of Gum - To Help You Stick Together
Candle - So Your Future Is Always Bright
Celebration - To Celebrate Your Special Day
Watch - Hope You Enjoy Every Minute Together
Marbles - For The Ones You'll Help Each Other Lose
Puzzle Pieces - Because You Make Each Other Complete
Toothpick - To Help Pick Out The Best In Each Other
Numbers - To Remind You To Count Your Blessings Everyday
Cotton Ball - To Help Soften Any Rough Times
Seeds - To Help Your Love Keep Growing
Heart - For The Love You Share
Rope - So You= Can Tie The Knot
Clover - So All Your Days Are Filled With Good Luck
Marker Pen - To Mark Your Special Day
Umbrella - To Help Keep The Rain Away
Smiley Face Badge - Hope Your Day Is Full Of Smiles
Matchstick - Because You're A Perfect Match

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