Exam Survival Kit

Surprise your friend or loved one with a unique novelty gift to wish them good luck in their exams. A perfect keepsake! All items are placed in a gorgeous organza bag and finished with a laminated label highlighting the significance of each item. Items may differ slightly from those shown in the picture.

The label read as follows...

Playing card ... to help you 'deal' with challenges
Coffee ... to keep you awake when revising
Balloon ... to help you reach for the sky
Penny ... for good luck!
Marble ... to replace the ones you may lose
Paperclip ... to hold your nerves together
Sweets ... have a break from revising and treat yourself
Elastic band ... be flexible - if you don't get a question go back and answer it later
Toothpick ... to help you carefully pick your answers
Love Hearts ... to remind you that you are loved and supported
Candle ... to remind you there is a light at the end of the tunnel
Coloured Pencil ... because you have a bright future

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