Ultra Compact Survival Kit

This Ultra Compact Survival Kit (UCSK) is a great piece of kit for anyone interested in survival, bushcraft or just being out in the wild. Its small and lightweight at only 20mm x 87mm and 45g, so can be carried with you at all times on a key ring or on your hiking bag. Its size doesn't reflect the enormous amount of kit thats included though. It contains everything for Fire Lighting, Water Purification, Shelter Building, Navigation, Emergency First Aid and Food Capture. Specifically it has:
◘ 1m Paracord, 550lb
◘ Split Ring, 25mm
◘ Cartridge
◘ Fire Steel, 6.5mm Ø
◘ Liquid-filled Compass
◘ Water Carrier (Condom)
◘ Scalpel Blade, #10
◘ 2x Water Purification Tablet
◘ Fire Steel Striker
◘ 2x 1m Brass Snare Wire
◘ Glow Stick
◘ 8m Fishing Line, 6lb
◘ 2x Swivel, Size 10
◘ Hooks: 2x Size 10, 2x Size 8
◘ Sewing Needle
◘ 2x Safety Pin
This survival kit really does have it al

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