Top 5 Charitable Gifts – The Gift of Giving

Ever wondered what gift to buy for the person who has it all? Well how about giving them a gift that will truly help someone who actually needs it? Charity gifts can be an extremely popular gift idea, because after all a gift given is better than one received. Here is our selection of the 5 best ideas for charitable gifts:


Oxfams Gifts Unwrapped

Oxfams Gifts Unwrapped


The well-known charity Oxfam is committed to reducing global poverty and is starting to see great success with the number of people living in poverty halved over the last 15 years. They tackle all sources of poverty from hunger to climate change and inequality. Of the money they raise, 46p from every pound goes into development work, and 33p goes to emergency response.

Oxfam have an excellent online gift store with 30 gift ideas for you to choose from. They sell a wide variety of useful gifts from clean drinking water, to food supplies and education. Simply buy your chosen gift, add a personalised message, and then send an e-card with optional little extras as a gift. The money you donated will then go to help those who need it most.



 Kiva is not a typical charity but instead a world-wide network of microfinance. It aims to tackle poverty using a micro loan scheme. This works by you first choosing a person to lend money to for help with anything from growing their business to affording to go to school. The loans are then distributed by Kiva. Around 80% of the loans are fulfilled by non-profit organisations meaning any interest added is solely to cover their overheads. The loans are then repaid by the borrower and the money returned to your account to start the process again.

At the time of writing Kiva has had over a million lenders help in over 83 countries loaning an incredible $766,000,000. What’s more, with a repayment rate of 98.46% this money can carry on doing good.


English Heritage / National Trust

National Trust

National Trust

If you like charities a bit closer to home how about supporting the English Heritage or the National Trust. Both organisations do excellent work protecting our unique history and countryside from stately homes and gardens, to ancient wonders such as Stonehenge.

The English heritage has a large online gift shop with a host of wonderful gift ideas including your more traditional T-shirts and hats, to English Heritage Cluedo and Monopoly. Similarly the National Trust has an excellent selection of gifts with multiple books and hand-crafted gifts.

If none of the gifts catch your eye then why not give membership for one of the above charities as a present. The National Trust membership costs £30 for an individual or £104 for a family where as the English Heritage membership costs £50 for an adult.



Greenpeace are environmental campaigners and activists fighting issues such as climate change, overfishing and deforestation. Gifts can be bought from them online to help support their activists and campaigns with anything from leaflets and banners to urine bags and harnesses.


Red Cross

Red Cross

Red Cross

Finally, no list of charities would be complete without Red Cross and the recognition of all the excellent work they do worldwide, whenever and wherever it is needed. From helping give first aid and emergency response to social care work and refugee support. Check out their online shop for loads of gift ideas that will help fund them.

Alternatively, if you cannot afford to give a gift at this time, perhaps consider a volunteering role to really help. You can search and apply for roles directly in your area using this Red Cross form.

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